PT. Mitra Sindo Sukses is a subsidiary of PT Modernland Realty Tbk., one of the largest property company in Indonesia which was established more than 30 years ago as the pioneer of property business in Indonesia. PT Mitra Sindo Sukses is the developer of Jakarta Garden City, Indonesia’s eco-township development, located in East Jakarta. Jakarta Garden City is integrated township development which integrates residential developments with commercial development and also known as the biggest real land in Jakarta.

As a developer of Jakarta Garden City, PT. Mitra Sindo Sukses always strive to create a comfortable and dynamic working environment for you, professionals who want to grow up and always give their best. With the great prospect of the development of Jakarta Garden City, your chance to grow up became more widespread.

1. Business Development General Manager
Job Responsibilities:
• Bring in investors.
• Find new lands/project.
• Product development.
• Launching preparation.
• COGS calculation.
• Investor relations (support HO)

Job Requirements:
• 30 - 40 years old.
• Bachelor's Degree in Business or equivalent.
• At least 5 years of working experience.
• Active out-going personality.
• Good Ms. Excel Skills.
• Fluent in English.

2. High Rise Project Manager
Job Responsibilities:
• Leading the implementation of high rise project.
• Coordinate with related parties, such as consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, etc.
• Ensure the project on time, project quality, and project safety.
• Understanding the basic of Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing.
• Understanding contract documents, work system and method of work contruction.
• Reporting the work progress on time.

Job Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Architecture or equivalent.
• 5 years working experience in high rise building.
• Good in problem solving and decision making.
• Good in Ms. Office and AutoCAD.

3. Business Development Supervisor
Job Responsibilities:
• Product development.
• COGS calculation or cashflow.
• Analyzing market research trend and investigating price, demand, and competitors.
• Support to develop a growth strategy focused both on financial gain and customer satisfaction.
• Support to build long-term relationships with new and existing investors.

Job Requirements:
• Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Civil engineer, Urban planning special real estate, or equivalent.
• At least 2 years of working experience in property field or market analyst is required for this position.
• Proficiency in Ms. Excel to operate COGS or Cashflow.
• Ability to use Visual Basic Macro for Application in Excel.
• Fluent in English (both Spoken and Written).
• Well knowledge in real estate industry and market knowledge.

4. Collection Supervisor
Job Responsibilities:
• Make history aging database of IPKL.
• Analize history aging database.
• Make collection task force program
• Make sure Collection IPKL going well.
• Make summary IPKL report.

Job Requirements:
• Bachelor’s Degree of any major.
• At least 3 years experience.
• Good communication skills.
• Able to give an excellent service.

5. Finance & Accounting Supervisor
Job Responsibilities:
• Coordinate completion of financial statements.
• Collection Report
• Aging Report
• Report to Finance Accounting Manager

Job Requirements:
• Bachelor's Degree in Economic, Accountancy equivalent.
• At least 3 years working experience.
• An energetic and active person
• Detail oriented.

6. Design Grafis
Job Responsibilities:
• Make an idea & suggestion for design promotion.
• Responsible for Design poster, banner, billboard, logo, sticker, etc.
• Support product knowledge, event, exhibition, etc.

Job Requirements:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design/Creative Multimedia or equivalent.
• At least 1 years experience in Graphic Design.
• Fresh Graduate are welcome to apply.
• Target oriented and team work.
• Proficient in Design 2D, 3D and Video editing.

7. Permit & Sertification
Job Responsibilities:
• Monitoring & implementing Deed of Sale & Purchase or AJB
• Liaise to customers.
• Preparing documents for Permit Building License or IMB

Job Requirements:
• Diploma/Bachelors Degree of Law or equivalent.
• At least 1 years working experience.
• Good communication and negotiation skills.
• Details oriented.

8. Promotion Staff
Job Responsibilities:
• Cooperate & coordinate with media & agency.
• Make the permitting process for advertising.
• Handling event promotion.
• Reviewing the results of advertising.

Job Requirements:
• Diploma/Bachelor’s Degree of Advertising/Media, Mass Communication or equivalent.
• At least 3 years working experience in Property/Developer or Media.
• Fluent in English (both spoken & written) will be an advantages.
• An energetic and active person

9. Tax Staff
Job Responsibilities:
• Manage and make sure tax payment on time.
• Reporting tax on the time.
• Prepare and provide tax data for tax audit.
• Report to Finance & Accounting Dept. Head.

Job Requirements:
• Female, max 28 years old.
• Bachelor degree in Accountancy or equivalent.
• At least 1 years working experience, fresh graduate are welcome to apply.
• Certified Brevet A & B.
• Proficient in tax, PPN & PPH.
• Proficient in Tax Report, Tax Return & Tax Software (E-SPT).

10. Finance & Accounting Staff
Job Responsibilities:
• Coordinate completion of financial statement.
• Bank reconciliation.
• Inspect all memorandum debit / credit bank.
• Support compiling time table for financial report.
• Support the calculation of cost price and the selling price and charges.
• Report to Finance & Accounting Sect. Head.

Job Requirements:
• Female, 27 - 35 years old.
• Bachelor’s Degree of Economic/Accountancy or equivalent.
• At least 1 years of working experience in Finance & Accounting.
• Fresh graduate are welcome to apply.

11. Sales Executive
Job Responsibilities:
• Selling property product and able to reach te target.
• Provide and explain all about Jakarta Garden City to customer, such as product type, prices, availability and buying process.
• Attend in property exhibition.
• Report to Sales Dept. Head.

Job Requirements:
• 22 – 35 years old.
• Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in any major.
• Fluent in English (both spoken & written) will be an advantages.
• Good looking.
• Good communication skills.

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